New Zealand GNIT & Creatio Embarks on New Project



CodingLambs will be embarking on a new project known as TruthLambs! will be an apologetic site design to answer questions, doubts and curiosity about Jesus Christ, God and Spiritual life in Christianity viewpoint.

The hope is to get world known theologians that are spirit-led and well acquainted with the Truth to provide contents that will answer the questions. It will also be an interactive website that encourages other Christians to provide answers, testimonies and encouragement. There will also be a shop feature that would help self support GNIT NZ Projects and other charitable causes.

Codinglambs is originally formed by GNIT NZ & Creatio NZ in hopes to gather Christian developers and designers together to use their skillsets for the Kingdom of God. God has continuously added numbers to the project. 3 new people has came with 1 showing interest in partaking the journey together.

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