G&IT Presents 2020 Plans in Parachurch Mission Forum

On January 27, on the first day of the International Parachurch Forum, Gospel and Information Technology presented 2020 goals and action plans. G&IT started presenting a plan about communication and networking to strengthen its headquarters network in 2020.

The leader presented also the plan of revamping its public website by 1st quarter in 2020. The presentation included reactivating technical sharing fellowship more regularly on the main chapters. The leader explained to fellowship and ministry leaders in the forum that G&IT will do its best as its first priority for technical support especially in regards to the area of mission 2020.

The presentation has covered plans for improving security to protect mission and setting up continental leaders with an organized structure to provide technical support to mission in time internationally for churches, fellowships, and ministries. The leader also presented a plan to collaborate with Olivet Institute of Technology and other tech ministries so that G&IT can utilize technical resources and platforms others can provide readily. 

Lastly, the presentation included G&IT HQ tour plan to Riverside, San Francisco, and D.C. to strengthen communication and building a human resource network.