G&IT Supports Evangelical Fellowship of India

On April 2nd, G&IT gave technical support for Evangelical Fellowship of India(EFI). The leader of EFI wanted to modify website main page structure along with updated design. The change was requested by urgent needs from leadership of EFI, because of seriousness of COVID 19 virus pandemic not only world wide but also India country. 

G&IT made changes, and added new section for providing informative articles to visitors with easier viewing. G&IT will add new subscription page by this week that EFI can receive subscription request with more detail information. 

EFI is a charter member of the World Evangelical Alliance. Its membership includes over 54 protestant denominations and related congregations (over 65,000 Churches), over 150 Church related mission agencies and organizations and thousands of individual members. It is the most inclusive fellowship with membership from most Protestant denominations and organizations of India.