• G&IT Researches Efficient Content Management Development

    On April 10th, G&IT researched efficient content management development. There are many types of demand related with content management from fellowships and ministries. G&IT has compared various approaches to develop content management system in a short time, but with many features needs to be
  • G&IT Consults Automatic Notification Application for WEA

    On April 7th, G&IT consulted WEA for their automatic notification application for subscribers of the website. The need of sending new posts to subscribiers were required on this application whenever there is new posting or new content updated. G&IT HQ found suitable application for this. It
  • G&IT Supports Evangelical Fellowship of India

    On April 2nd, G&IT gave technical support for Evangelical Fellowship of India(EFI). The leader of EFI wanted to modify website main page structure along with updated design. The change was requested by urgent needs from leadership of EFI, because of seriousness of COVID 19 virus pandemic not only
  • G&IT Provides Server Administration Support for EFO of Singapore

    On April 1st, G&IT provided technical support of server administration for Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore. Website support team of EFOS Singapore it now currently developing new website. G&IT HQ gave assistance for them to continue develop their website with necessary access information. G&IT
  • G&IT Utilizes Local Development Environment

    G&IT will utilize local development environment to have full website testing procedures for its official G&IT website. The key point to the term here is that this is a "local" web development environment, which means that it gets installed on developer's PC or Mac. This enables programmers to build
  • G&IT Held Session for Technical Sharing

    John shared the JS stacks which are popular in many tech companies, the lecture covered UI frameworks like react,Redux.He made a comparison with traditional web developing frameworks and then he offered some key points to get used to this JS framework.Programmers who are focusing JS frameworks
  • G&IT Upgrades Category System

    G&IT is upgrading category system on biblical education resource site. Site manager couldn't categorize in detail because of lacking of nested category system. The new nested category system will help to organize many categories properly.
  • G&IT Exchanges Tools Actively On-line

    On Feb 18th, G&IT Members actively have exchanged development tools on-line. One of the tools they recommended one another is error monitoring tool that helps all software teams discover, triage, and prioritize errors in real-time.