• G&IT Fellowship “Hope Into Reality”

    On Tuesday, April 9th, G&IT held information technology fellowship together in Dover. The topic was one of biggest tech trends which overcome limitations of traditional applications. After sharing of each person's individual experience of the technology, keynote speaker John Tao introduced
  • G&IT Held Second International Online Tech Session

    On Jan 16th, G&IT held second international online technology session. The session is about platform which can add the ability to orchestrate many machines across multi-host installations. It lets developers easily and quickly build, develop, and deploy in nearly any infrastructure, public or
  • GNIT Will Hold Workshop on Artificial Intelligence

    GNIT fellowship will hold a workshop of artificial intelligence. Computer vision, Machine Translation and Natural Language topics will be covered during the workshop, and GNIT fellows will be discussed many future opportunities of building AI for business and church supporting.
  • New Zealand GNIT & Creatio Embarks on New Project

    CodingLambs will be embarking on a new project known as TruthLambs! Truthlambs.com will be an apologetic site design to answer questions, doubts and curiosity about Jesus Christ, God and Spiritual life in Christianity viewpoint.