Web Development & Security

G&IT aims to help churches and mission organizations that are in need of a website or require website redesign due to lack of staff. We support them through building websites to spread the gospel and Christian resources for the sake of delivering the love of God.

We also assess website security by checking OWASP vulnerabilities, and for other web and intranet vulnerabilities. Secure web protection is also a crucial aspect of web maintenance.

Outreach for IT community

Sharing of the gospel through Bible study and evangelism are important aspects of sustaining one's spirit. When the spirit gains life, one can be strengthened to work.

G&IT offers Bible studies and provides opportunities to outreach to students who are pursuing IT. We not only serve as a platform to mediate those in the IT field to the Christian community, but also a means for Christians in the tech industry to fellowship with each other.

Create service for Christian community

We hope to harbor the entrepreneurial and creative spirit God has placed in each person to develop services and software for the Christian community.

Topically creating content management systems and theming them to service churches, fellowship, or organizations. We have a library of software, web serves, apps, and other resources.

Open IT classes in local church

It is obvious that the Internet is here to stay and being tech savvy is no longer just a luxury. G&IT offers various levels of technical classes to raise awareness of web maintenance, development, and security in local churches.

Practical topics of registering a domain, creating a website, setting up a blog, uploading sermons, web analytics, and a hot topic of effective outreaching through social media.