Gospel & Information Technology (G&IT) is a non-profit IT ministry comprised of individuals whose first love is Christ and then is IT. G&IT was created with a purpose of raising ministers of the Gospel in the field of IT in order to transform the global IT community into one that glorifies God, carrying the message Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

It is said that the internet is today's "feet that bring good news". The Internet Media Commission's work is to engage this medium of communication for the purpose of making disciples of all nations. Over the past few years, internet has become interwoven into our daily lives and become accessible to more people in more parts of the world.

By developing better technologies, providing internet education, and building a stronger Christian internet presence, this commission hopes to harness the power of internet media for the Great Commission.

Do you want to use your {code} for God?

We are here to connect Christian technicians who are willing to use their {code} for mission, and to offer a place of fellowship in Christ.

GNIT supports churches with {IT} needs for missions' sake.
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Latest News
  • On January 27, on the first day of the International Parachurch Forum, Gospel and Information Technology presented 2020 goals and action plans. G&IT started presenting a plan about communication and networking to strengthen its headquarters network in 2020.
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  • On January 2nd G&IT held fellowship time in Dover. They reviewed last year together by sharing grace God has given to each one of them. They reflected that God did all and made things happened not by our ability or strength. One of participants said it was very graceful that I could witness what God have done through our IT members for our community, truly men can't do much but God can do all things when we seek for his help by obeying what He has commanded to us. They expressed gratitude as well to each other saying what others helped them in different ways.
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  • G&IT has been establishing a plan for a new type of legal license that protects software created by their members. The copyright license will ensure that all software which incorporates its programming code must be utilized for good and conscientious purposes.
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  • Michal joined 2019 WEA General Assembly at Indonesia, Jakarta. The main focus of the assembly is: A decade of disciple making 2020 - 2030. WEA was strengthened after last GA, 11 years ago. The world is now standing before the challenge, to catch a new generation of so called millennials, young people born after 2000.
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