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Gospel and Information Technology (GNIT) was founded on July 25, 2007. The organization was first launched in San Francisco with IT students and professionals who love Jesus and want to evangelize people through their IT skills.

G&IT has supported websites and IT solutions to many churches and Christian organizations including the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), WEA affiliates and WEA regional associations. We also developed an Online Christian Media Platform not only for the United States, but also international countries to protect Christians through Christian media and providing hope to Christians with news.

G&IT moved its headquarters from the West Coast to Kirkwood, New York in 2013.
During this time, G&IT expanded their support to international Christian fellowships including websites, intranets, reporting systems, chat systems and online conference systems. G&IT saw their needs and served them to outreach people easily with technology. G&IT also launched a Mobile Bible App for Christians to see the Bible easily in their daily lives.

With the motto, Business as Mission, G&IT also provides IT solutions to Christian Business Ministries so that they can contribute to mission organizations. We support creative Christian startups and transform ideas into practical ministries.

In 2017, G&IT moved its headquarters to Dover, New York, which started our support for Christian schools & Christian institutions with websites, library systems and Christian education platforms. We join the Christian Online Library Project by recording and archiving Christian contents. At the WEA General Assembly in 2019, G&IT leadership initiated a new level of collaborations with global evangelical leaders to boost the support of churches proactively.

G&IT is presently a member of the World Olivet Assembly and the World Evangelical Alliance.