• G&IT Preserves Values with National Chapter

    G&IT is collaborating with G&IT national chapter leaders to secure precious mission history. Recently there have been G&IT fundraising to raise fund to purchase necessary IT equipment and it was successfully purchased.
  • G&IT Sets to Development of YEF Resource Website

    G&IT started development of YEF resource website. The website will be secured and have simple functions to upload and listen to messages. The website will be an important strategy to support the education of future Bible teaches and current campus leaders.
  • G&IT Extends IT Education Using Online Platform

    G&IT leaders have been making online programming education materials. The education materials are being published and subscribed by many learners. One of the goal of the platform is to expand knowledge and skill development.
  • G&IT Opens Up a New Field to Bring Big Changes

    G&IT members shared their experience what made them to use new technology in context of challenges that make IT members feel difficult because of learning curve and not enough help for them to break through.
  • G&IT Provides Online Learning Program

    Professional G&IT members have been making online materials to help others to improve theirs skills. Whoever wants to share their skills and knowledge can use online platform for others. G&IT seeks to strengthen training program through it consistently.
  • Project Presented in Dover G&IT Chapter

    On May 7th, Dover G&IT held meeting for project presentation. Josh shared one of his recent project made by technology Dover G&IT fellowship members have been practicing.
  • G&IT Held Technology Fellowship in Dover

    G&IT Dover has been holding technology fellowship every week. The topics include discussion of projects each members are building and new popular technology has been adopted widely in the world recently.