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GNIT is a non-profit organization operated by generous donors to fulfill the mission of uniting the Gospel and IT. 

With your ongoing support, we can help churches and mission organizations via Information Technology and it will help churches around the world use technology well for the kingdom of God. 

Thus, the Gospel will spread all over the world and the love of Jesus will be seen in many people. We, together, the kingdom of God will be fulfilled on this earth. Any support that you can offer is greatly appreciated.


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Emilia Clarke
Sam B.
Church Pastor
As a pastor of a church in a fast-paced city like New York, I quickly found that taking advantage of today's technology, mission efforts can be accelerated. Many of today's younger generation use the Internet to listen to sermons, browse activities, and even choose churches. GNIT resolved frustration from the lack of church staff in regards to technology and how to revamp our church website to be more interactive and accessible.
Emilia Clarke
Amanda L.
GNIT Member
My name is Amanda, hailing from Australia. I am a front end developer. There is always a lot of work to do and often it can be hectic and I can become overwhelmed. I really found my faith and love for God are revived with GNIT. When I seek Him, I gain peace and focus for my work. I could fellowship with other Christians also in the IT field to share difficulties and solutions in faith together.
Emilia Clarke
Christina K.
Youth Minister
I am a youth minister in Ukraine and we need basic IT support for the website but couldn’t find any within our church. I have been searching for an organisation to help us over again and have met GNIT as the answer of our prayer. The best part is I can always get in touch with them and ask guides how to use modern technology for youth missions.
Emilia Clarke
Daniel A.
GNIT Member
I really love and enjoy working as a developer in San Francisco. As the web and technology keeps evolving, there is always something new to learn. Although it's enjoyable to discover new things and solve problems in an efficient way, still I find that even if I get the best results in the shortest amount of time, this doesn't always satisfy me. GNIT answers my questions on whether it is possible to have that same passion for God with something I love as much as IT with a meaningful connection to my work with God's.