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GNIT Members Actively Joined Online Evangelism

GNIT mission department is a leading evangelism team which includes volunteers who want to participate in online evangelism social media. Some have already learned how to use social media from the director of the mission department, and they are doing daily online evangelism through social media. One Volunteer decided to update social media contents daily […]

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Mobile App

GNIT Develops Online Sermon Mobile App

GNIT fellowship in San Francisco chapter developed the mission –friendly mobile application call ‘IChurchLife’.  The IChurchLife app project was started in SF to give SF churches convenient access to the word of God.  Churches use this app to shepherd the bible study with students online. The mobile app can be found in both Apple store […]

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G&IT Dover Holds Coding Class For 2nd Generation

Second-generation students have been developing logical thinking and deductive reasoning processes in the recent coding classes provided by Gospel and Information Technology (G&IT) in Dover. As part of the development process for a video game, the students have been performing world-building thought experiments, error analysis, and recovery constructions as part of the narrative generation. The […]

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G&IT Upgrades Online Conference System Version

On May 18th, G&IT upgraded the version of online conference system. The new version has improved screen sharing capabilities by adding the ability to share system audio together with the screen. Device controls functions also got improved. Changing what audio or video device users are using during a conference used to be a couple of […]

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G&IT Increases Recording Resources

On May 21st, G&IT has worked on securing hardware resources for video recordings. Since current hardware device has a limitation of maximum capacity of video camera recordings, G&IT staff has been working on securing more hardware resources for video camera. Thankfully, by God’s hand, the way opened to purchase more hardware resources for video recordings. […]

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Mobile Millennials: Why Your Church Needs an App

Technology has fundamentally changed the way we interact with each other, businesses, and the world around us. Access to information online is the expectation, and an e-commerce society has enabled consumers to purchase nearly anything with the single click of a button on their smartphones. Speed and convenience are priority. Baby boomers have learned to […]

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