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Sharing for How to Get Online Learning Resources

On August 20th, GNIT HQ staff shared how to get high-quality online programming learning resources for Tech Park Team members. It is important to have a high level of programming skills, but sometimes it is a challenge to continue learning new skills. GNIT HQ wishes to make a culture with good high quality online lectures […]


GNIT Held Online Tech Meeting for API Framework

GNIT held an online tech meeting with GNIT members together. GNIT invited John who is serving in a media ministry as the main presenter. The presentation topic is Loopback including NodeJs concept and basic knowledge of NodeJs.The LoopBack framework is a set of Node.js modules that developers can use independently or together to quickly build […]


GNIT Held Online Tech Meeting about “Deployment Tool – Deployer”

GNIT held an online meeting, and the presenter Neal Wang presented the topic with “Web Application Deployment”, regarding one of the popular deployment tools “Deployer” which can provide developers deployments tools for their application development.Neal Wang introduced “Deployer”, and the background of using this tool with his experience when he used this for his project […]


GNIT Held Online Tech Meeting Paving a Way for Programmers

On December 19th, GNIT held its second online tech meeting. This time the presenter Victor presented a Laravel Nova administration panel. First, he started with sharing his experience of using Laravel Nova and how he came to know about Laravel Nova in addition with motivation of using this panel on his projects. He presented about […]


GNIT Holds Online Tech Conference

GNIT resumed the online tech conferences every two weeks. Tech conference will help GNIT members to share their specialty to others easily through online channels and have them more united not only in technical skills but also in spirit. Online tech conference presenter of Dec 5th is Thomas from California, and his presentation topic is […]


GNIT Mission Department Opened the Online Evangelism Workshop

On Nov 6th, GNIT Mission Department director opened the workshop and presented how to evangelize through social media. GNIT mission department director said “It is a great joy to have an online evangelism team. I want to share the Grace that I received through online evangelism. Recently I realized how much our lives are related […]



On September 1st, GNIT China held an online fellowship that was full of God’s grace. Many GNIT members joined the fellowship. Members shared grace and technology, and they had time for Q&A afterward. GNIT China rep shared the vision to build some useful tools for mission together online, although all members have their worn work […]


Project Presented in New York G&IT Meeting

On May 7th,  New York G&IT held meeting for project presentation. Josh shared one of his recent project made by technology New York G&IT fellowship members have been practicing.  He shared that there were challenges until he finished the project because it was made by new technology he didn’t have much experience. But he said […]


SF GNIT Held an Informative Seminar

On May 12th, 2020, SF GNIT held an online seminar, Kevin Liu introduced the new program he wrote for application named Gabriel. The seminar took 1 hour and 9 members attended it. The program is to help with the customer service. Kevin talked about the main functions of the program, the environment the program running […]

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