GNIT Held Online Tech Meeting about “Deployment Tool – Deployer”

GNIT held an online meeting, and the presenter Neal Wang presented the topic with “Web Application Deployment”, regarding one of the popular deployment tools “Deployer” which can provide developers deployments tools for their application development.
Neal Wang introduced “Deployer”, and the background of using this tool with his experience when he used this for his project deployments.
He presented command lines with scr and examples of his code in his project in online screen sharing so that members can be more familiar with practical skills.
The “Deployer” is a deployment tool with support for popular frameworks out of the box. It has a simple setup process and a minimal learning curve, ready-to-use recipes for most frameworks, parallel execution without extensions, Rollback to the previous release, and Zero downtime deployments.
One of GNIT members said, “It will be very useful in my future project, I wanted to organize my deployment code and make it easier and faster and manageable for all my web application deployments.”

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