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Sharing for How to Get Online Learning Resources

On August 20th, GNIT HQ staff shared how to get high-quality online programming learning resources for Tech Park Team members. It is important to have a high level of programming skills, but sometimes it is a challenge to continue learning new skills. GNIT HQ wishes to make a culture with good high quality online lectures of programming with learning platforms for programmers.

The method of getting these high-quality online resources was shared with step by step instruction. Tech Park Team members have followed to have accounts by which online programming resources can be accessible.

The online lectures are made by high level professionals who are recognized by people as specialized in certain IT areas. The lectures can be learned by the flexible schedule of Tech Park Team members because the lectures are divided by different online media files with a small amount of lecture time, and programmers can follow up easily for the next lecture through the online learning platform features.

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