GNIT Held Online Tech Meeting for API Framework

GNIT held an online tech meeting with GNIT members together. GNIT invited John who is serving in a media ministry as the main presenter. The presentation topic is Loopback including NodeJs concept and basic knowledge of NodeJs.
The LoopBack framework is a set of Node.js modules that developers can use independently or together to quickly build REST APIs.
A LoopBack application interacts with data sources through the LoopBack model API, available locally within Node.js, remotely over REST, and via native client APIs for iOS, Android, and HTML5. Using these APIs, apps can query databases, store data, upload files, send emails, create push notifications, register users, and perform other actions provided by data sources and services.
GNIT members watched the presentation online and there was Q&A after the presentation. All participants got encouragement and useful tips from the presentation.

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