SF GNIT Held an Informative Seminar

On May 12th, 2020, SF GNIT held an online seminar, Kevin Liu introduced the new program he wrote for application named Gabriel. The seminar took 1 hour and 9 members attended it.

The program is to help with the customer service. Kevin talked about the main functions of the program, the environment the program running on, the techniques he used and the problems he encountered while developing the program and how he conquered it. He shared his experience about developing an entire new program from scratch, how he got help from senior programmers and how he learned to read the APIs and documents. 
Later on other participants asked several questions about the program and the process of designing the program, some are interested in extending the program to their own ministry. In the end, senior programmer Nathanel who is the mentor of this program shared some precious experience on the process to extract and minimize the requirements.

The seminar is short but informative. The online seminar is convenient and efficient for SF GNIT members to share their knowledge. They are seeking to make the fellowship more active through this kind of seminar in the future. 

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