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GNIT HQ Emphasizes Meditating Word of God Daily

On December 29th, GNIT emphasized the importance of meditating the Word of God daily in the meeting.

GNIT director said, “Our strength and passion comes from above, it is not from us or from our ability. The work of God we are doing can be done only by God’s spirit, not by horizontal methods. We need to rely on the Word of God daily so that we can receive the Holy Spirit through truth in faith.”

In order to leap into a more advanced stage, GNIT HQ staff acknowledged the importance of meditating the Word of God diligently.

Thankfully, recently God opened miraculous ways for one of the staff to deepen his theological study not only advancing his technical skills. GNIT HQ staff gave thanks to God for God’s sincere love towards GNIT members.

Please pray that GNIT members can go forward powerfully relying on the Word of God daily.

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