Largest Pentecostal denomination launching new Bible engagement app

The largest Pentecostal denomination in the world and the tech company Faithlife have announced the launch of a new Bible education app to encourage more engagement with, not just reading of, Scripture.

Known as the Bible Engagement Project, the app will be released in August, and some 150 churches within the Assemblies of God have already signed up for the project.

Ryan Horn, director of advancement for the project, told The Christian Post that the goal for the app went beyond the issue of merely making the Bible available to people.

“The question is no longer about access to Scripture so much as it is about engagement with Scripture. People have greater access to the Bible now than any other time in history, but unfortunately, fewer are actively engaging with it,” Horn said.

“We know, based on a number of research studies conducted over the years, that engaging with Scripture has unparalleled potential to transform lives.”

Horn said the Bible Engagement Project app differs from other Bible apps in that it provides “content that is age-aligned for preschool, elementary, youth, and adults.”

“This is a huge benefit for those concerned with whole-family discipleship,” he told CP. “All of the content is based around the Bible and designed to make Scripture engaging and accessible to all age levels.”

“Our desire is to see an increase in Bible engagement, which then translates to transformed lives. Our user experience is aimed at accomplishing just that.”

By Michael Gryboski

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