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GNIT Develops Online Sermon Mobile App

GNIT fellowship in San Francisco chapter developed the mission –friendly mobile application call ‘IChurchLife’. 

The IChurchLife app project was started in SF to give SF churches convenient access to the word of God. 

Churches use this app to shepherd the bible study with students online. The mobile app can be found in both Apple store and Google play.

This sermon app enables each church and para-church to launch their unique online platform to educate their members with a simple click on the application to listen to sermons from specific churches and organizations. 

The online platform has proven its effectiveness in reaching out to the countries that are restricted and oppressed for religious freedom. However, during this special time of the pandemic, it became one of the most powerful sources for evangelism. 

May this new platform of a mobile application be a great aid for fulfilling Great Commission and catalyze future mobile application development for future need