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GNIT HQ Pursues Creativity and Essence

GNIT HQ held a meeting On Jan 29th to discuss how GNIT pursues goals and visions in a way it can fulfill its commission God’s given.
The discussion was addressed covering various perspectives not only from GNIT HQ staffs but also well-known people who are in the industry of IT in the world.

Looking at the cases of how others pioneered and changed the world through IT, GNIT staffs acknowledged what GNIT should have to pursue higher goals by impacting the world through IT.

Having creativity for overall and understanding the essence of life and people have been agreed on by GNIT staffs for them to have to succeed not just following passively what others are requesting or asking.

During the meeting, GNIT HQ staffs could know that they can also participate to form ideas that can impact and help the mission greatly. GNIT staffs said, “Sometimes we programmers are easily confined to our work by doing passively what they are told to do, but we need to have the ability to set up vision and dream on our own as well and pursue in creativity the dream others even couldn’t think about.”
Please pray that GNIT HQ staffs can have creativity and knowing essences so that they can impact the mission and people through IT.

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